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Fishing Competitions

Our services are used across the world for fishing competitions, allowing the jury to view positions of all the boats and keep track of strikes in real-time. Our trackers work anywhere on Earth, and are simple to use. Simply attach to each boat, and the unit will transmit its position on a regular basis. The competition jury, and even people back at home, can see where all the boats are on a web-based map.

The YB unit is designed for the roughest of weather - they are waterproof, rugged and reliable. Battery life is good enough to provide 15-minute tracking for a week long competition without recharging, or 5 minute tracking for 3 days. If you choose YB for your fishing competition tracking, you're in good hands

Key Benefits

  • Provides a bird’s eye view of the fishing area
  • Allows organisers to ensure fishing zone and anchoring rules are being followed by all competitors
  • Profile Raising – promotes amateur club events to a higher level of professionalism
  • Attract Sponsors - gives extra exposure to sponsors of the competition
  • Gives the ability to have a ‘digital jury’, giving an expert review of data and accurate timeline of events
  • Improves the speed and fairness of rulings by the Jury boat
  • Allows the jury boat to easily locate and ‘spot check’ competitors during the event
  • Standalone real time strike recording for when VHF traffic is high or competitors are unable to raise the Jury boat


How does it work?

We know that you have a lot of things to deal with when organising your competition. Our aim is to make the 'tracking' part as simple as possible for you. We provide:

  • Delivery to you, and pickup afterwards
  • Global service - anywhere in the world
  • The YB tracker(s)
  • Our award-winning web-based mapping
  • Two-Way Messaging where appropriate
  • Current, and historic positions
  • Support before, during, and after your event
  • Access to our Apple/Android app*

Our YB trackers have very large battery capacities, and are designed to work for long durations. Once installed on the boat, simply activate the YB unit and that's it! We take it from there, and make sure that the units are working, and help get everything ready for the start of your event.

Testimonials from our customers

Don't just take our word for it - see what our customers say below:

The trackers, the services and your assistance were absolutely PERFECT

- The Big RED, Italy

Your service was excellent, and Alex was a very professional and prepared engineer.

- Alessandro Gioia

We choose YB for your reliability and suitability for our events. Your support is excellent, even though we are in very different time zones

- Race Organiser, Hong Kong

We love the units and don't feel that the alternatives are anywhere near the same quality overall.

- New Zealand

Our overall experience with YB is excellent, and we will use you again

- Annapolis

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