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About YB Rental

Renting YB units makes sense when you have a short term event or trip. We provide the tracking units, our award-winning web-based race viewer, and all the service and support you need to ensure your event runs smoothly.

We provide tracking services for events all over the world, from 1-person rowing attempts, to 500-yacht races and regattas. We cover yacht races, adventure sports, car rallies, paragliding events, motorbike expeditions and more... just get in touch for more information, or take a look at some more detailed information about how we handle your particular type of event using the links below.

In the weeks leading up to the event we work with you to ensure the race viewer is setup, with your course, logo, and any sponsor logos. A few days before your event the YB units will arrive in their special protective flight cases, and we ensure everything is working ready for the start. During the race we'll oversee the YB side of things, making sure everything is running well, and at the end we provide a pickup service via UPS to get the trackers back to us.

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