Nearly there

The last night vigil of this RB&I has just finished, and John Lewis was there to the end.

John is a retired Royal Marine Major who takes his duties with unwavering consistency, giving our Race Committee a strength it needs in good and bad times.

He was previously the RWYC Secretary and chief Executive for many years and in this capacity he ran the Round Britain and Ireland Race as part of his job.  This, to my knowledge on two occasions.

He has lately been President of FICO and only just ceased Chairing the RWYC “Oceanic” committee which oversees the  OSTAR,  MINI FASTNET,  and SHETLAND ROUND BRITAIN & IRELAND Races.  He has always been one of the pillars of this race and will continue to be so.

This time around, he and Roger Metherell have been my “Wise Men” and I am grateful for their sound guidance.   John has also been involved with the tedious business of Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, and all that happened in Plymouth Sound on Start Day.    HMS IRON DUKE, the Safety Rib patrols, Notices to Mariners, Risk Assesments etc etc.  In fact he did it all but cook the lunch !

He was also our man in the Castlebay Hotel, and has been keeping the long watch which we share whilst the boats all come home.  This pleasurable business goes on night and day for ten days, and no-one complains.  That’s dedication for you.

Thank you John for being my Guru from time to time, it has been a comfort.