Behind The Scenes Two

Before it’s all over,  a word or two about James.

James Bremridge joined the Race Committee over two years ago, bringing to it the, refreshing presence of the next generation.  At last, we said, here is someone  who is clearly from a new age and able to take technology and all the new ways of race management in his stride.  If, occasionally, that stride did seem more like that of a Bull in a China shop, we learned that it was only youthful enthusiasm and things were done very well.

His talents are widespread, and most competitors first encountered him over the matter of their Offshore Safety and First Aid qualifications.  There was no getting those rather strange certificates past him.  But no matter, if you didn’t qualify then the redoubtable James would run a course for you  -  for an unbeatably reasonable fee at a time to suit you!

Next, he turned up as Berthing Master at Plymouth before the start of the RB&I.  taking trouble to see that all boats were comfortably moored, and all facing in the same direction for easy departure. This was his idea too !

When we suffered the Website crash in the very early days of the Race, he was again a great support for me. Taking on the onerous task of writing the “stories” which kept the new Yellow Brick website so fresh and popular.  Oh yes, I know a few of us put pen to paper too, but the vast majority came out of James’ head.  Even to the extent of a nonsense piece about my dog walking habits!

Oh yes, he was also at Castlebay, as assistant to John Lewis, so must sailors remember him for his activities at the Hotel Bar, and in the Harbour.  His boundless energy lifted us all then, and continues to do so.  Well done James, for your enthusiasm and for just bothering to do it all.  After all, not much China was broken in that shop !

By Peter, The Race director.   Not James.    ”Now publish this, with a nice picture.  That’s an order.”